Jamia Uloom Islamia, Banuri Town, Karachi has given a Fatwa, an Islamic decision given on an issue by an informed authority, pronouncing PUBG players to be rejected from the domain of Islam and their union with be voided. 

The pronouncement comes after an individual had posted an inquiry on the official site of Jamia Uloom Islamia, getting some information about the Islamic decision on the PUBG game. The individual expressed that he heard the Imam at a neighborhood mosque during Friday message saying that the individuals who play PUBG are not, at this point Muslim and on the off chance that they are married their Nikah is repealed. 

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As per the Fatwa, a duplicate of which is accessible at the site of Jamia Uloom Islamia, PUBG players need to prostrate before icons and look for help from them so as to pick up power. These demonstrations establish excessive admiration which is denied for Muslims and conflicts with the idea of Tawhid, the unity of Allah. 

Thus, all PUBG players are submitting excessive admiration which avoids them from the limits of Islam and voids their Nikah. 

Along these lines, it is officeholder on PUBG players to reestablish their Faith and Nikah, the Fatwa finishes up.


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