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New features added to WhatsApp Communities

The WhatsApp Communities that have been in beta versions for months are finally being rolled out for everyone to use. It is possible to create structured groups for a wide variety of topics or needs by organizing your groups into communities to enable you to organize all of your groups in one place. Earlier this year, this feature had entered the testing phase and was ready for release.

A community is set up to help organizations, clubs, schools, and other private groups stay organized and communicate better with each other. The best thing about this new feature is that it allows you to switch seamlessly between multiple work-related groups, for example, if you have multiple groups that are related to your work.

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For announcements regarding posts that are of major importance to the community, the community will have a main announcement group, but for chats, only sub-groups that are approved by the administration will be available. The purpose of this feature is to prevent members from receiving spam messages from groups they are not affiliated with or interested in.

It is also expected that Communities will provide some new features to the chatting app, including admin controls, support for sub-groups and announcement groups, 32-person voice and video calling, enlarged file sharing, emoji reactions, and polls for their users. There is also an end-to-end encryption feature that lets you form support groups of up to 1024 members and let them communicate with each other.

In addition, it is worth noting that once the features start rolling out, they will be available to our members not only inside Communities, but also outside of them.

Both Communities and Facebook Groups are similar in their functions, particularly the fact that both offer the possibility of creating sub-groups, sharing files, and having additional admin rights. The difference between a Facebook group and a WhatsApp group is that Facebook groups are typically composed of disconnected strangers with a common interest, whereas WhatsApp groups are likely to be used by those who already know one another in person, since WhatsApp is based more on phone numbers.

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Although the phone number will only be visible to admins and others who share the same sub-group of users who are in the same sub-group, the number will be hidden from a wider community.

Among other differences between the two platforms, Facebook Groups can be discovered on the platform, whereas WhatsApp Communities can only be discovered when they have been created. You are only able to join these groups when you receive an invitation from them. The administrators will also be able to move their existing groups that are in groups into Communities.

It is anticipated in the coming weeks that WhatsApp Communities will be rolled out to Android and iOS devices around the world.

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