New features for Android and Wear OS are announced by Google

New features for Android and Wear OS are announced by Google
New features for Android and Wear OS are announced by Google

Several new features will be added to Android phones and WearOS smartwatches with Google’s latest update to Android and Wear OS. As soon as the new features are ready, users will have access to them in the coming weeks, just in time for the holidays.

Google TV-Cast

From the Google TV app, you now have the option to cast content directly to your TV with a single press of the button. Using your smartphone as a remote control or just as a search bar for content will allow you to look for content while watching TV on your phone.

Android Reading Mode

There are many accessibility features available in the new Android Reading mode that will make reading a more enjoyable experience for you. There are a number of different font types, font sizes, colors, text-to-speech, and playback speeds that you can choose from.

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Google Unveils New Features for Android and Wear OS

You can now access your subscription feed, favorite videos, and YouTube Shorts straight from the YouTube Home screen widget that you can find on your dashboard.

Digital Car Key Connectivity

Digital car keys that are supported can now be shared with other Google Pixel phones or iPhones via the digital wallet app on the phone.

New Designs in Google Photos

A new joyful photo design option for Google Photos has been introduced. Users can choose their own photos and then arrange them in one of several new design options.

Keyboard Sticker

Gboard, Google’s flagship smartphone keyboard, now lets you convert emojis into stickers.

Wear OS Features

Wear OS icons have been made simpler in order to access apps such as contacts, Google Maps, and weather. Google Keep has been updated with a new design that is more suited to smartwatch screens. The Adidas Running app now allows voice commands from Google Assistant.


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