New Instagram feature allows you to answerEvery time you are on Instagram and in a quest to make your followers send you questions, your friends on this platform can choose to type their thoughts (either you like or not) by tapping the sticker within the story you put there.

Another thing that can make you aware of the number of people who have viewed your Instagram story is the appearance of questions in the same place. Remember that viewers of your story would not pop up in your inbox.

In case it happens to you that you are questioned and you are ready to answer it, what all you have to do is to tap the place the question is placed. By tapping that, you will go to start a new story post and you can use this new story post to write out what you have in your mind to clarify what has been asked you about.

Instagram will show the original story up as a sticker along with your response.  But what the platform keeps hidden is the user name and profile picture of the follower.

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Check your Instagram. Are there questions stickers appearing in the app?

In case you have not seen any questions sticker there, I am sure you have not updated the app to its latest version. So, first of all you are directed to update your Instagram app to the latest version for iOS and Android.

To make it easier for you it is worth mentioning here is that the version 52 is the right choice for you to make.

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