New Jobs for Punjab’s Education Minister: 11,000 new jobs in public Schools

New Jobs for Punjab's Education Minister: 11,000 new jobs in public Schools

The Punjab government has announced a plethora of positions for non-teaching personnel in educational institutions of the public sector throughout the province. The announcement is only the second major development related to education announced by the Punjab government this week.

In a post on Twitter to discuss this, Punjab Education Minister, Dr. Murad Raas, penned that the summaries for the hiring of more than 11,000 new jobs (BS-01 up to 04) for non-teaching personnel within the School Education Department (SED) was initiated, signed and pushed forward.

The Minister also stated that opportunities for employment should be made available to the largest number of citizens currently.

On Tuesday on Tuesday, the Punjab administration announced the announcement of thousands of job openings for teachers working in public sector institutions of education across the province.

Dr. Murad Raas took to Twitter and announced that the final report on the recruitment of more than 16,000 educators was initiated signed, endorsed, and then forwarded.

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The Dr. Murad added that he is grateful for Allah to have given the current government the opportunity to create jobs for the residents in the province.

On Monday on Monday, the Punjab government took the decision to regularly train the thousands of teachers employed in schools of public service and finally granting one of the long-standing demands from the teachers.

On Twitter and Twitter also on Twitter, Dr. Murad Raas, said that the summary of the regularization of the 14,000 government teachers is being prepared approved, signed and then moved forward.

The Minister further stated that the current provincial government has promised teachers regularization of their work, and been able to fulfill the pledge. He said that more positive news for teachers is coming shortly.


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