So the Lenovo Z6 Pro will be the flagship device of the year coming from the Chinese manufacturers, Lenovo who are looking all set to gain some ground on their competitors. Moreover, the new device is scheduled to launch this month. It will also be Lenovo‘s first flagship of the year. The new device will pack a quad camera setup at the back and will also come with the addition of a “Hyper Video” feature, which according to the company will be one of the trends of the soon to become reality, 5G era.

So in the past week, we have already seen some official images of the device which show only a part of the phone, However, today we got hold of the first picture of the device and well in terms of looks, the device seems really nice. After the careful breakdown of the photo, we concluded that the new device is covered in glass which gives the device a pretty attractive look and the glass is pretty reflective. There is a streak of red which runs from the top and passes along through the cameras, down to the bottom.

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Furthermore, the quad camera setup at the back is in an vertical order and can be found on the left and all of the sensors have the addition of red rings around them. Three of the sensors are housed together and slightly raised while the fourth is separated but only slightly. There is also an LED flash at the right of the sensors.

In addition to that, two other leaks also surfaced online in which one of them shows the phone comes with a laser focus module laying aside the LED flash which can not be seen in the live photo though. There also seems to be more red streaks which we believe becomes visible depending on the angle light is reflected by the device. The Lenovo Z6 Pro will also pack support for the upcoming era of 5G connectivity and the device is set to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset.


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