New leaked pictures of the Pixel 4 indicate six gigs of RAM, 8x photo zoom

A user shared some new images of Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone – the Pixel 4. These pictures were shared on Weibo, and have since been deleted – however, they did catch the eye of many before the eventual deletion taking place.

We’ve already seen the phone in pictures prior to the post and the pictures posted don’t show too much anyways – however, there were some notable bits that caught the eye. Amongst the things worth taking a look was that the Pixel 4 series may come with six gigs of RAM. If this does turn out to be the case, then it would represent a first for the Pixel devices.

While the pictures suggest that the series will feature with six gigs of RAM, it has already been indicated by rumors previously.


Aside from the prospect of 6GB RAM, the photos have also pretty much confirmed that there will indeed by 8x zoom capabilities that will feature with the Pixel 4. This suggests that on the back of this will likely be a telephoto lens. Though exactly how much it will be capable to zoom and exactly how much zooming Google’s AI smarts are doing is not at all too clear.

All in all though, these rumors don’t bring about the element of surprise as we were anticipating them beforehand. And while there still is a month left until Google finally launches the Pixel 4, this might again turn out to be the case where we already know everything that Google’s flagship devices will bring along.

Google is looking to ramp up its sales with this year’s Pixel devices, as the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL weren’t exactly the most popular devices in terms of the sheer number of sales. If the devices do end up with the feature of 6GB RAM and 8x zoom capability, then the Pixel 4 and its bigger brother might just end up giving tough competition to other flagship smartphones – will it though, we can only wait and see.

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