It is no secret that the Google’s latest and upcoming flagship smartphone series : the Pixel 4 series will feature with a very advanced face unlock mechanism – courtesy of Google confirming the feature earlier in the year. Not only this as we have also seen videos that show off the setup for what it is – however, as far as the case for the end result goes : we’ve not been too sure.

A supposedly leaked promotional video which features courtesy of 9 to 5 Google showcases just how quick the upcoming device’s face unlock well and truly is. The clip goes on to show a woman being shown a notification on her Pixel 4 device, with the woman reaching for the device to pick it up. At this particular point we see the phone’s screen light right up – probably because of the fact that the Pixel 4 is set to come with the Soli chip – which has the capabilities to detect a hand reaching for the device.

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Once though the woman actually picks up her device, we see that the phone unlocks in virtually no time at all. It’s quite possible though that this comes as a result of some sort of marketing magic and that the unlock time that will indeed turn out to be the case will be a bit longer than as seen in the video. However, we then have to consider the point that even slightly longer unlock times would still be very impressive and fast.

It would come as no surprise if the Pixel 4’s face unlock technology is on par with Apple’s FaceTime technology – possibly even better – since Google decided on placing a lot of its faith one face unlock technology due to the lack of a fingerprint scanner on the upcoming Pixel 4. That being said though, the current 3D face unlock technology is already pretty quick – so here is to Google finding a way in which it can only improve matters further!

Also, this isn’t the only Pixel 4 leak that we have seen over the course of this week. We have also seen Dual Exposure Camera Controls, references to a Pixel Neural Core, as well as a Soli-powered Pokémon demo.


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