For the convenience of all the users of Android, Google has brought yet another App update for its crowd, and this time, the update comes within the Android Messages App, as the update brings along a new messaging option. This new messaging option will give users the power to share calendar files formats with their respective contacts.

The sharing of the calendar files formats can be done in a very simple and easy manner. All one has to do in order to share is to head over to the file manager, and choose to share it from there on. Users will get a new option now with the update in mind to accomplish the share with the Android Messages in mind. The newest update to the Android Messages is available in the Google PlayStore, and very soon, all the users will be able to get the update.

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It has been a long time since Google has been working tirelessly on making the experience of owning both a Chromebook, and an android phone much more seamless than it already is. The latest update to the Android Messages will have the inclusion of a new string, which moves the integration much more closer to the launch, and also, notes the ability to “sign out.”

New messaging option in Android Messages

Just recently enough, Google has also made it possible to send the SMS using desktop, much like WhatsApp web has been doing for so long. The working principle, in fact is also much similar to that of WhatsApp web, and all you’ll have to do in order to get Android Messages for web is to pair your computer to your phone, and this will end up in allowing you to both send, and receive SMS from either of the two devices involved.


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