New messenger update bring a feature many Have been crying out for

The new update for the messenger will finally bring about a feature that many people have been trying to get their hands on –the previously-announced “unsend” feature. While there without doubt will be some limitations that will be coming along with the usage of the feature within messenger – it still comes as a much awaited feature.

Using the unsend feature, any user will be allowed to delete a message that they might have sent, and with respect to the deletion of the message – it will not only affect your own chat window, but also the recipients as well – turning it out like there wasn’t a message sent out at all.

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However, like I stated earlier, there are some limitations to the whole process, and amongst these limitation includes the fact that you will only be able to delete messages you’ve sent less than 10 minutes prior to deletion. After the 10 minute mark crosses, there won’t be anything you can do about it. Another one of the limitations that might pose is the fact that even though you’ve deleted the message, Facebook will still hold onto the message – for how long, who knows? This may seem to be an invasion of privacy, however, such a policy is so that bullies are prevented from sending nasty messages, and then deleting them, meaning that it would turn out like there wasn’t any message sent in the first place. Such a policy will be adopted so that there will be proof, and while Facebook did not actually state exactly how long such messages will be held onto the server, the company did announce that the message(s) will eventually go on to be deleted.

New messenger update bring a feature many Have been crying out for

The rollout for this feature is happening right now, and it is indeed happening on a global scale. Once you update to the latest version of the app, you will be able to see the unsend feature when you long press on a message which is less than ten minutes old.

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