Player feedback seems to be a top priority at Relic’s entertainment, proved by the fact of the studio deciding to expand the game’s multiplayer, with new features such as a new map, new set of modes, more doctrines, and an even a skin pack.

To say the new modes are great would be an understatement. The game’s single multiplayer mode is amazing, with the combination of MOBAs with traditional RTS fare, but the problem at the end of the day is that it is not enough to support a game with a strong multiplayer focus. To solve this problem, the Annihilation updates are coming. Annihilation Classic is relatively simple, as there’s not much more than destruction. All you mainly have to do is charge into your enemy’s base, and destroy all their key structures, and the game is yours! Simple enough, right? Annihilation with defenses is not that different from this, the difference being that you will have quite a lot of turrets installed, straight from the start, and hence not only you, but also your enemy will have some sorts of breathing space.

Since we are on the structure of turrets, there wasn’t a huge presence of proper defensive structures in the base game, was there? New turret doctrines change this.

The launch maps are also being modified for Annihilation, but it is also important to note that a new map is coming soon, with the name of ‘Mortis Vale’. Relic will be showing this off next week. Much to the delight of many, Mortis Vale will also be available in Power Core mode. Finally, let’s talk about the skinwalkers. There isn’t much to talk about, except the fact that each fraction will get a new skin for their super walkers.

All of this is not very far away, with the Annihilation update coming no later than the 20th of June.


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