A new handheld video game system has been released by Nintendo Switch pretty much out of the blue. Basically, 2DS XL is a 3DS XL without the 3D, with the same size large but for more portability with a smaller physical footprint. On 3DS XL you will find dual displays. In the market will be available from 28th July, worth $149.99.

The mentioned 2DS XL is following the footsteps of the 2DS alternative which it released in 2013. Without the clamshell design of the 3DS,  2DS has stacked screens. Now 2DS XL followed the clamshell design of 3DS. The folding top which allows for those much larger displays is better for portability. Upgraded processing power of 3DS XL is now available in 2DS XL.

If you are not yet a 3DS console owner you will see it a terrific option for you,  to be very frank,  3DS XL’s features are questionable for some users. 3DS XL retails for  $200 as of this writing you can get significant saving by purchasing 2DS XL. New C Stick and ZL and ZR buttons introduced on New 3DS XL hardware are now features of 2DS XL with its smaller and lighter version which can be taken with you anywhere in your bag.

NFC support for Amiibo support is also found in 2DS XL which supports the same game lineup including some stellar titles like Pokémon Sun and Moon. Alongside 2DS XL,  two new games are launching including a new side-scrolling Pikmin franchise installment and a Mii-focused game that blends RPG and strategy elements.

Observers are wondering to know what the Nintendo Switch would do with the 3DS line consoles now.


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