A new Nokia phone, going by the name of the Nokia 2.3 is soon to make its way into the smartphone market and has even made the to be amongst the more popular budget smartphones to come out soon – thanks to the large battery and as well as the big screen that the device will have on offer. All that of course will be offered at a low price due to the fact that the particular device will be amongst the budget segment of the market.

A previously unseen TA-1270 phone featuring with an FCC filing has actually been discovered in recent times in an FCC filing that actually goes on to bear the hallmarks of the a likely Nokia 2 series upgrade. Even though neither the photos nor the dimensions for the said device are available, the model number is actually consistent with the Nokia 2 series. The device touts a 4380mAh battery – which of course represents a rather decent and logical upgrade over the 4000mAh unit found in the Nokia 2.3 – and also of course, great news for all those who want a budget phone that has the capabilities to last all day.

Unfortunately enough though, don’t hold your breath in the hopes of 5G. Indeed HMD itself best describes the device in the filing as supporting LTE. Needless to say though that this isn’t at all surprising when you consider the fact that the device is indeed amongst the Nokia 2 series’ price class.

For now though, we aren’t exactly sure as to when this Nokia device will make its mark in the market. There recently was though an unverified rumor going around suggesting that the Nokia 2.4 would make its way into the market in September – along with updates to multiple other models – however, there still isn’t any guarantee that we’ll see the phone then.


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