Disclosed by people privy to developments, OPPO is apparently gearing up to release a new version of its flagship phone – the OPPO Find X. However, believe it or not, this isn’t actually the news that has taken most by surprise – what people from all over the smartphone market have been most surprised over is the fact that it is reported that this new version is set to come with 10 Gigs of RAM –  more than double that of what the Samsung Galaxy s9 boasts.

The news first emerged via leaker Ice Universe, who managed to spot the phone on TENAA. If this leak is legit, and this does turn out to be a thing, then the new version of the Find X, coming with 10 Gigs of RAM would actually be the first mainstream phone to come with such a significant amount of RAM.

According to the report, the 10GB RAM version will apparently come with 256 gigabyte (GB)of external storage, much like the model of OPPO Find X that already exists. However, while this is revealed in the leak, it doesn’t actually say when OPPO is planning to release the device (barring in mind if it’s really amongst their plans), and it hasn’t even been revealed whether the phone will come to market outside China. The original Find X, came with 8 gigs of RAM.


So exactly how big a deal would it be if OPPO does indeed manage to launch a phone that boasts 10 Gigs of RAM? Well, for context, Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is also amongst the most powerful devices in the world, comes with either 6 GB of RAM or 8 GB of RAM. The s9 on the other hand comes with only 4 gigs of RAM. The first phone ever to pack 8 gigs of RAM was the ZenFone AR, which came out just last year.

So while a phone coming with such a significant amount of RAM is without doubt extremely impressive, the question arises – why exactly does OPPO feel the need to release a phone with such a huge amount of RAM? Well, in reviewing the original Find X, many experts found that the phone, though it preformed well, had poor RAM management. So one reason as to why OPPO wants to release a phone with such a huge amount of RAM could possibly be to counter this impression.


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