We’ve seen some stunning phones in the year 2018, with Samsung releasing the likes of the Note 9,and the Galaxy s8, Oneplus introducing us the Oneplus 6, and with the iPhones just on the horizon, exciting times lie ahead. One phone though which cannot be forgotten,which too was released this year is the Huawei P20 Pro.

Huawei’s latest flagship has brought us with a new concept, something which we haven’t ever seen before –a triple camera. Not only this, but Huawei introduced us to a twilight color, that showed how gradients can make smartphones cool and interesting again. And if you disagree with the popularity of this, then just consider the fact that just because of the popularity of the color, it has already been imitated.

However, with the latest news and the latest reports in mind, it looks as if Huawei’s experimentation with regards to colors haven’t stopped either. It looks set that Huawei is set to launch two new gradient – adorning colors, events which will take place during Richard Yu’s keynote at IFA in just two weeks time.

Amongst the two colors, the first color is inspired by the night sky and the aurora borealis. A wider color gamut is used when in comparison to the twilight P20 Pro, however there are some of the same colors which are shared, too. Staring at black on the left, there is the use of a gradient to transition towards turquoise, at the right of the phone, and there is also the inclusion of the purple and blue hues, which are found on the twilight P20 Pro.

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The second of the two colors is actually inspired by the sea, and in beneath lie the likes of sea shells and pearls. It is predominantly white, while lie there just subtle hints of both yellow and pink. In all honesty, there is quite the resemblance of this color with the rose gold regular P20, which features a gradient from white to pink, however, it’s just that this version is actually a tad more subtler.

All the reports that have actually gone out to suggest the colors and actually when they will be introduced, such reports have gone out to suggest that for some reasons the names of the colors cannot be disclosed, and neither can the exact pictures of the phone in the particular colors stated right above. So while the expectations are high with regards to the beauty of the phone, whether it does actually turn out to be like that, we can only wait and see.


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