The ever new innovation, the on-screen fingerprint sensor on smartphones have been expected to touch the market during the current year. Many rumors are circulating around about Apple, to introduce the tech in its upcoming iPhone and some reports also suggest that Samsung is also striving to achieve this new charismatic innovation for its Galaxy Note 8, which is reportedly all set to launch later this year.

Meanwhile, on the other side,  a Chinese brand has stunned the tech world through a leaked footage. A leaked video of new Vivo smartphone shows the functionality of on-screen fingerprint sensor. A short Blurry video clip had been shared on Weibo, that revealed the Vivo smartphone that is being unlocked using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.

You can Check out the video at:

A phone shown in this video is all-metal unibody design having dual-rear cameras, similar to that of the Vivo X9 Plus. Though, the front-facing physical fingerprint scanner been integrated into the home button has been replaced by the on-screen fingerprint sensor.

The video had been shared by smartphone analyst Pan Juitang, claiming that Vivo will be the first one to launch this tech in smartphones. In case this video is authentic, we can conclude that Vivo may unveil this technology at the Mobile World Congress in Shangai later this month.

There have been few fingerprint module producers that affirm that they are going to begin delivering on-screen finger impression sensors to worldwide handset makers this year. A finger impression module producer, CrucialTec,   has reported its solution that lets high-resolution scanning through glass with the button-free design. Synaptics is another module creator that has presented its optical finger impression scanner for cell phones and tablets one year ago, that is all set to do high-resolution scanning through 1mm of glass with the button-free design.


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