Some new revelations about the iPhone XR

Some new revelations about the iPhone XR
Some new revelations about the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has divided opinion. While Apple tried to launch a phone that would comparatively be less expensive, people have slated the phone over the fact that even though Apple has launched a budget phone, it still costs $750, which would get you a very premium phone over at the Android department. People further criticized Apple over the fact that even though the phone costs $750, it still isn’t full HD. However, while all these problems with the phone are without doubt up for debate, how does it compare amongst Android’s finest, and in particular, how does the phone compare with the Galaxy Note 9? Well, some of the results might surprise you, to say the least.

One of the trademarks that the Galaxy Note 9 comes with is the raw performance of the phone. Samsung has taken pride in the power of the phone, no less the users. And while there is little doubt in the fact that the phone is amongst the most powerful performance wise, new reports suggest that the iPhone XR is 25 percent more powerful than the Note 9. And when taking into consideration the prices of the phones, the iPhone XR is 25 percent more cheaper than the Note 9; so all in all, apparently, the users of the Note 9 have paid 25 percent more, for 25 percent lesser the performance.

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So where exactly have such revelations come from? Well, Redmond Pie clocked the Note 9 with geekbench 4 at 8765 and 2442 for multi-core and single-core. On the other hand, the iPhone XR scored numbers up to 10,980 when using the multiple cores, and warranted a score of 4795 with just a single core in usage. So yeah, the performance of the phone is pretty decent, and this all comes down to Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. In addition to this, the numbers are evident to say that numbers that are guaranteed by the iPhone XR cannot be touched unless the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are taken into consideration – and this would be down to the fact that both these phones come with a greater amount of RAM.


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