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New Ride Pass from Uber offering discount

America has two major players in the ride-sharing category – Uber and Lyft. Both have stiff competition between them, and hence they go toe-to-toe in not only the features, but also the functionality – the best example of this being given by Uber, as the company has most recently launched something for its customers, in particular, for those in five major cities : Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando. For people in these cities, the company has launched something called Ride Pass, which costs $14.99 in four of the cities except for LA, where the price of it is $24.99. The people availing such an option have the advantage of netting flat discount rates on their Uber and UbetX trip fares.

Though the exact amount of discount will vary from person to person Uber has given a bit of an idea over the whole process by saying that subscribers will be able to save around 15 percent on overall monthly travel. The flat rates will obviously be dependent upon the distance/time that the rider in question will take. And while people in LA might feel undone by the fact that it’ll be $24.99 per month for them, they might be able to take solace in the fact that they will also have access to bikes and scooters, so the few extra bucks might just be of advantage to them.

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Ride passes became available starting yesterday in the five cities that I have just mentioned above. The discount will indeed be made trackablewhen considering a particular section in mind, found in the Uber app. And by default, the passes will automatically be renewed as time goes by, however, if you feel that you don’t actually need the service anymore, then it’s interesting to note that they might quite easily be toggled off.


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