New Search Feature

WhatsApp is adding a new feature within its very popular app so as to allow users the ability to fact check as well as debunk frequently forwarded messages. The search option has already been added yesterday, and will actually make an appearance in the form of a magnifying glass next to any such viral messages.

As users would be given the opportunity to tap in the icon which the app itself will prompt, they would be asked whether or not they’d like to search the message on Google. This particular icon will pop up next to any message that has been forwarded to at least five or more than five people with of course the primary ability being given to users so as to immediately fact check the possible conspiracy theories that regularly are featured and circulate within group chats.

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Indeed WhatsApp also proceeded on to share an example this latest feature via a screenshot in which it was actually claimed that drinking fresh boiled garlic water will cure Covd-19. A quick web search via the latest feature introduced by the global messaging app goes on to bring up three fact checking websites – all of whom flag this claim as being false. At this particular time of crisis, the spread of false information is as dangerous as the spread of the virus itself as deceitful messages become more and more common.

Considering the fact that Facebook does not have the access to directly peer into messages due to the fact that end to end encryption exists, the company hopes that the new feature will indeed give more information and also make its users more proactive when taking into account the actions related to fact checking of information. Credit of course has to be given to WhatsApp as this is a rather highly appreciated feature and hopefully – it will go on to slow down at least a little bit of the pace with which misinformation spreads via the social media platform.


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