It took long – nearly half a year of development, however, now, spam protection in Android Messages has finally started to roll out this month, and it has already actually been made available to some users. While some users have already gone on to experience the latest update coming from Google, the feature is yet to be made available for everyone, and this could actually go on to mean that the change just as might be server-side and limited for the meantime. However, on the other hand, it is also accurate that we just as might see a full rollout sometime soon.

When the update finally hits any Android phone, a new notifications will pop-up on the particular device, and this will go on to show off the new spam protection. This new “spam protection” feature will also appear in the “Advanced” section of the settings menu (Setting -> Advanced), which will go on to allow the users to manually active or indeed deactivate it.

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A section of Google’s support help site went on to give an explanation about how the new spam protection feature will go on to function from the perspective of privacy. It has been stated that when this setting feature goes on to be enabled, some information about messages that are received on the device will be automatically sent to Google. However, the content of the message will not actually be read.

New Spam protection for Android users

Exactly how this spam feature goes on to function is still relatively unknown, however, it just as might be possible that it observes the data statistically, in order to examine similarities between spam messages as to detect them. If the case arises where you send a spam report manually to Google, the company will then go on to submit the phones numbers of both the sender and the recipient involved, and this will also include the message body.


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