New survey reveals that 80% Pakistanis feel that Coronavirus is now under control

Only 11% Of Pakistanis Developed Immunity To Coronavirus Study Findings

So a recently conducted survey by one, Gallup Pakistan have revealed there findings to the general public and they have found that around 80% of the population of Pakistan believe that the Coronavirus Pandemic is “now under control implying that fear has subsided and perhaps it’s time to go back to a pre-COVID-19 lifestyle”. It should be noted that this particular survey was conducted in between July 9 and August 10 and approximately 1326 responses were recorded by the Gallup Pakistan. 

Gallup Pakistan’s usual methodology is for them to conduct live in person interviews but mainly because of the outbreak, the method used by the organisation was a Random Digit Dialling.  According to them, in this approach “all mobile phone numbers in Pakistan (130 million active sims) are the universe”, basically anyone out of the 130 million active cell phone users could have gotten the call and as soon as the necessary amount of responses were recorded, this exercise was concluded. 

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The survey revealed some pretty interesting details as well, When asked about the federal government’s performance in tackling the virus outbreak, 69% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the performance. Only 28% said that they were not pleased by the reforms of the current government. The remaining 4% chose not to respond. In a previous survey, 67% were satisfied with the performance and 28% were dissatisfied, so there hasn’t been a change of opinion expressed by the people of Pakistan. 

Province wise, 76% people from Balochistan, 69% people each from Punjab and Sindh, and 64% people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were pleased with the efforts of the government in addressing the issue at hand. The highest dissatisfaction rate, 32%, was in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is a pretty surprising but nonetheless plausible. followed by KPK is Punjab with a 25% dissatisfaction rate while Sindh and Balochistan recorded a rate of 24% each. 

The survey found that the demand for lifting the coronavirus restrictions have gained momentum in the last couple of months. On that point, 89% of people supported opening more businesses, while 6% oppose the move and said that they are not in support of that idea. On the question of reopening of educational institutions, 88% of the respondents said they would send their kids to schools while 10% opposed it.


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