New Tool Of Google Lens Allows You To Copy And Paste Real World Text. Google has revealed a new tool for the Google Lens (a feature which when pointed at something uses AR to recognize the objects) at the I/O 2018. This tool to allows users to copy and paste real-world text.  Google revealed at the I/O 2018.

To use this feature, select the text in the camera to point to an image with a text, and copy that text and paste it in your phone, and use it to send in an email or some text message.

This new addition is dubbed as smart text selection and can be used to copy recipes, Wi-Fi passwords, & gift card codes to a phone.

The Lens can also be used to search text like restaurant menu items, to view photos and get information & answers about them.

Google Lens first announced at last year’s I/O conference, was initially integrated within the Google Assistant only. Now it is available to all via the Android smartphone camera as a big part of Google’s AI plan.

In a few weeks, the Lens is also set to get featured by Style Match that allows us to detect certain styles in the objects and look up visually similar furniture and clothing, to let you find a look you like.


The Lens will give real-time results by proactively surfacing results and anchoring them to the things we see, by pointing our camera.

Except for the real-time one, all the above mentioned features will be available in the next few weeks and users can access these features from the camera app on their phone.

Pixel, TCL, OnePlus, BQ, Asus, Xiaomi, Sony, HMD/Nokia, Transsion, LG, and Motorola phones are currently supported by these features.

Currently it is unknown if the Google Lens feature will be integrated to the devices from Apple, and Samsung or not.

With an aim to allow users know all about their environment, including things within, Google Lens integrates Google’s latest tech in the computer vision & natural language processing within the search and uses its expansive knowledge and data base to get needed info for the Lens.

Alongside an AI inspired feature (at the I/O 2018) in the Google Photo app to rework your vintage family pictures, Google has also launched a few other tools in the app to help you make images look attractive. One of these tools turns the background of an image into black-and-white.

Google is set to add “Suggested Actions” to the Photos app to offer users some AI powered “smart actions” like sharing a photo with a friend, hide a screenshot from the library, or brighten a dark picture.


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