The new Toyota I-Road is definitely something from the future

The new Toyota I-Road is definitely something from the future
The new Toyota I-Road is definitely something from the future

So Toyota is looking set to launch a new vehicle which is not like your ordinary day to day motor vehicle. This little thing isn’t a car it sure isn’t bike hence this a three wheeled, two seater, electrically powered ‘personal mobility vehicle” and it totally reimagines how people of the city could get around the city in an efficient and suitable way.

new Toyota I-Road in green

Furthermore with a 37-mile range its perfect for the people in urban cities as it is relatively very small and can easily squeeze into parking slots and can weave through traffic is a really eco-friendly car which reduces the congestion and carbon-emissions.

Moving on the car feels like as if your skiing as the more you drive it the better it gets. The left and right wheels move up and down independently in response to the driver’s steering and to make it even more advance the vehicle automatically selects the optimal lean angle when cornering making it very safe and efficient to drive

Size of new Toyota I-Road

The Vehicle is almost byte-sized in comparison to other vehicles you may find on the road. Its 3 feet wide and 7 feet long so basically more or less bike-sized but what a bike can’t provide is safety, that’s where this vehicle comes in, provides you safety from accidents and great balance when driving the car.

Furthermore to describe its dimensions more, at least two I-Roads can fit into a standard parking space. In Urban cities around the world this small size can play to a driver’s advantage considering the amount of traffic and crowds that arise in such cities.


So basically the idea behind the vehicle is to provide the convenience of a motor-bike, to fit into tiny parking spaces, to get around the city relatively easily, and to provide the durability of a car.

new Toyota I-Road

It’s easy to use, the vehicle maintains the balance not the driver and is covered by a roof so no need to wear a helmet or to get wet when it rains. The car is very stable, and not just on the curves but also on slopes and uneven surfaces.


So the futuristic vehicle comes with a built-in safety software which controls how deep the I-Road leans and if for example you’re going to fast through an edge the steering wheel vibrates indicating to you to slow down and avoid tripping over.

When you hit the brakes, just like that the I-Road stands upright and might have just saved you from breaking a set of bones in your body.

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Environmentally sound and efficient new Toyota I-Road

The Vehicle has a capability of Zero carbon-dioxide emission which basically makes the environment more suitable for the people.

Its EV is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can cover the distance of around 50Km per charge but the main factor being that since it requires no fuel at all to burn, this car is potentially very sound and efficient for the environment.

Design of new Toyota I-Road

One of the most attractive features of the new I-Road is that when driving up and around the roads of a particular city, people react to its small but beautiful design when its zipping down the streets.

new Toyota I-Road

Accordingly, some reviewer’s even went on to say that it looks like a jellybean and others even compare it to the vehicles seen in the movie Tron. All in all the vehicle looks to be pretty futuristic.


Finally the vehicle will be looking to make an introduction all around the world considering the efficiency of the new vehicle it truly does suit the theme of a futuristic mobility and it seems as if it’s already on the roads of the world.


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