Prius is widely considered to be among the top significant automobiles of the present of Toyota and the automobile industry. However, recently published reports suggest that Toyota could end the Prius to make way for an upcoming product.

Fortunately, recent spy images of a brand new Prius disguised in camouflage have disproved these reports. The carmaker is apparently developing a new model to target Japan. Japanese market.

Though it’s kept in the shadows however, the images reveal certain aspects. The latest Prius is based on the same style to its predecessor, sporting elegant lines for the body and curve-shaped design.

The design of the nose is similar to the Toyota BZ4X, sporting an elegant bonnet and sleek headlights. The rest of the vehicle is the same as the fourth-gen Prius that has a squat rear , sloped roofline and a hunkered-down, sloping posture.

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Although there isn’t much known about the car, speculations suggest it is likely to feature a hybrid-powered 1.6-liter engine. There are also rumors that suggest that the next Prius is expected to debut in the mid-to-late period of 2024.

Toyota IMC’s Efforts Towards Hybridization

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is in the process of upgrading its assembly plant in order to locally build HEVs that are hybrid electric (HEVs) within the next year. The company plans to launch the locally built Toyota Corolla Cross in 2023.

Toyota IMC CEO Ali Asghar Jamali declared that the company intends to introduce the hybrid SUV within the cost of between Rs. 5-to-7 million cost range. But, in the current economic conditions it will cost substantially more expensive.


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