The prevailing wireless charging standard in smartphones today is Qi, but it requires considerable space within the handset. However, Android 15 may offer a solution to this with a forthcoming change set to revolutionize wireless charging.

Anticipated to make its debut at Google’s upcoming I/O developer conference in May, Android 15 could introduce NFC Wireless Charging support. This development was noticed by Mishaal Rahman of Android Authority, who observed additions related to Wireless Charging (WLC) in the beta 1 version of Android 15’s NFC APIs.

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NFC wireless charging made its debut back in 2020, and now Google is working on integrating support for eligible hardware. Originally slated for smartphones in 2021, this plan was scrapped, but it seems Google is revisiting the idea now. While NFC-based charging is slower than Qi, it presents a viable alternative, particularly for devices lacking the necessary hardware. NFC antennas for charging can be as small as 1cm and are flexible, making them easier to incorporate into smaller electronics like smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

The sudden revival of this canceled project by Google is not entirely clear, but it would certainly be a welcome upgrade. Not only would it save space within smartphones, but it could also reduce costs and simplify the charging process.


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