Xiaomi deserves a huge amount of credit over the fact that its MIUI team has actively engaged with users on its forums, to keep them abreast of issues that the company has been, or actually is working on. The most recent stable version from the company was made available just a few days ago, on the 24th of November, and since the version’s actual release, there have been some minor issues that have been persisting. The Pocophone team has been made aware of such issues, and now that they are aware of them, they are in the process of presently tackling them, as well.

The last update that featured went on to optimize fingerprint recognition and also brought along some visual improvements, which ranged from the likes of more theme options, as well as a home screen layout grid. The team now continues to work on highly popular, and common demands – and this includes requests such as 4K 60fps recording and HD Netflix support.

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Xiaomi had made the confirmation that the company would actually introduce these features, and this confirmation came all the way back in October, however, as evident as it seems, such a process has proven to be a bit difficult for the Chinese company. According to this week’s forum post, the Pocophone team are still in the works to try to bring in HD Netflix, in a beta release, before the year 2018 comes to a halt.

Xiaomi is also addressing some other alarming issues, too. These issue includes a problem with the touchscreen input, which does not register properly, or in some cases, lags. It has also been reported that there are cases when “OK Google” does not seem to work. For the next release however, the company has promised to have resolved the Android Auto issues, which plague some users, and good news comes as the company has also promised to bring along the much anticipated dark mode, which was a very popular request on the forums.

While such issues take more than one release to solve, it’s still nice to see that not only is the team communicating, but is also actively making an effort to improve the standards.


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