Are you tired of your PS4 or XBOX ONE yet? If you aren’t then that’s completely justifiable because they are the most powerful sleek looking consoles out there and with the power they pack under the hood, it is an extremely significant achievement in the progress of consoles. However, if you are tired of your current consoles then you might have to wait a little more for the release of the next consoles since the due dates are to be probably in 2020.

Sony recently revealed that its next-generation PlayStation, we’ll call it the PS5, won’t be ready for 2019. Now the company is noting that the PlayStation 5 also won’t arrive within the next year. A Wall Street Journal reporter revealed on Twitter that Sony is telling reporters, during Q&A sessions, that the PS5 won’t be launched within the next 12 months.Sony also revealed that PS4 sales now total 96.8 million units, closing in on the 100 million milestone which it’s now predicting it will hit during the next quarter.


That leaves a potential PlayStation 5 launch date for the summer next year, or far more likely the fall period of 2020. A holiday launch for the PS5 wouldn’t be that surprising given this is when new consoles are typically available in stores, and it leaves the door open for Sony to reveal a lot more about the console at E3 next year.

A more powerful CPU and SSD storage could be the big improvements for the next-generation PlayStation, opening up more power and raw speed for developers to use in games. Microsoft is expected to use similar specifications for its next-generation Xbox, currently codenamed ‘’Anaconda” Microsoft is rumoured to be preparing two new Xbox consoles for 2020, with Anaconda acting as a successor to the Xbox One X and a “Lockhart” console succeeding the Xbox One S.


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