Next on The FBR List: A Dry Cleaner With Rs12.78billion in Bank Account

FBR to Remove Taxes from Imported Products Under Rs5000

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uncovered a suspicious transaction of multibillion rupees from a ledger related with a laundry in Ghotki, a city in Northern Sindh. 

After accepting a gather from the income guard dog, the laundry named Romesh Kumar was stunned. He is relied upon to appear before FBR on October 19, today. 

According to subtleties, FBR called Romesh to ask about the suspicious transaction worth Rs. 12.78 billion from his record. In any case, he communicated stun and complete obliviousness with respect to the turn of events, saying he has never opened/worked a financial balance. 

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During the discussion, Romesh uncovered that he was recently connected with Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Sugar Mills however left the occupation a couple of years back. 

He has been approached to answer to the Regional Tax Office of Ghotki on October 19. 

Prior this year, a driver from Jamshoro turned into a short-term tycoon after a suspicious transaction of Rs. 4.9 million. 

Driver, Somaar Channa, was astonished to find out about the enormous aggregates of cash in his financial balance also.


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