Pictures and film of the Hub River connect that show the disintegrating and decaying establishment of the structure have fanned out quickly via online media in the previous not many days. Accordingly, the National Highway Authority (NHA) formally expressed on September fifth, 2020, that the Hub River connect is alright for use. 

Allegedly, it was expressed by the association that the Hub Bridge was work more than 50 years prior. Chief NHA Kashif Ali Shaikh told the media that progressing storm spell and the floods have harmed the external dividers of the bases however the internal structure is as yet safe. He further expressed that the mainstays of the extension have been presented because of illicit burrowing for building materials. 

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As per NHA official, the division will before long beginning the fixes of the exhausted outside dividers of the center point scaffold to guarantee greatest auxiliary uprightness so as to withstand any significant floods later on. Chief NHA additionally expressed that, “We have carefully prescribed neighborhood organization to force a restriction on extraction of the structure materials from the waterway”. 

Meanwhile, NHA has supposedly proposed the development of another by-pass course from Karachi to Hub, The division has proposed that the substantial traffic be coordinated towards an elective course and for the normal traffic to utilize the Hub River Bridge. 

As can be found in the photograph, the establishment of the Hub Bridge is obviously in a bad way. However, NHA is inflexible that the extension is “ok for movement” which is stressing without a doubt.


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