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Nikahnama giving divorce rights to women isn’t being considered: CII

Can women in Pakistan are allowed to divorce their husband? The discussion about this topic arises few months ago to add this section in Nikahnama. However, now the Council for Islamic Ideology (CII) has clarified that they are not considering any revised draft of Nikahnama (marriage certificate) that lets women to divorce their husbands.

According to CII spokesman, Ikramul Haq, no such document was being drafted so public should keep calm about it.

“However, the council is working on a Nikahnama and a Talaqnama (divorce deed) whose language will be simple and easily intelligible,” he added.

The council was going to put in essential clauses to the document in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah that will make the family system stronger.

It is important to mention here that a local English Daily claimed in its report that the council’s latest Nikahnama draft is going for a ‘revolutionary change. After this statement, CII had to come with an explanation and clarified this issue.

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Quoting CII chairman, The News had reported that the council was taking into consideration certain changes in the 50-year-old draft of Nikahnama that would give women equal rights of divorcing their husbands and ending the marriage. Just like a clause given to women in western law.

The newspaper had citied CII chairman Qibla Ayaz saying “The nikahkhwan will be legally bound to inform the bride of her right to ask for the dissolution of marriage”.

On the other hand, the CII denied this claim and highlighted the other planned changes to the marriage document. According to CII, the council had agreed to make the details of NIC required for Nikah to be registered.

The recommendation of making the role of a Nikahkhwan more documentary and effective are also suggested by committee.

Not to know, in Islam women has already given the right to dissolve their marriage without their husband’s approval. This provision is present in the form of the document and it’s called Khulaa. In case of Khulaa, a woman can end her marriage via courts; however she has to return her wedding gift (Haq Mehr) to obtain Khula from her husband.

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