Nikon are setting up a workshop In Lahore for all Photography enthusiasts

Nikon are setting up a workshop In Lahore for all Photography enthusiasts
Nikon are setting up a workshop In Lahore for all Photography enthusiasts

So one of the leading brands in professional photography, Nikon are setting up a workshop for photography enthusiasts in Lahore where they will be giving those who attend the workshop an experience to improve their photography skills and to do much more.

According to the company, they believe that one of the most important aspect of photography is finding and maintaining YOU in your photographic/Videographic style. They further stated that they will in turn help  you look deeper into the creative side of your photography and set you on your way to making your own mark. They seem very passionate about this and are looking to provide skills to anyone who is willing to attend the workshop. Moreover, they have said that they will be teaching from a  beginner to advanced level and they will help you take your photography to the next level with a Nikon School class.By the looks of things I think it is a good chance for photography enthusiasts to literally learn from the experts who design various professional cameras, and who else can provide you the best experience than the makers of this technology.


In addition as per the company, the workshop will be addressing three main skills which the company will teach you about, these include Concept and Story boarding, Commercial Production and Editing and Color Grading. Skills which will in turn help the modern photographer be better at the overall profession of photography. So we in turn advise our followers to mark there calendars for the date of 31st August 2019, as Nikon will be bringing you  a superb opportunity to hone master your  videography skills. In addition they will be teaching you this on there latest camera series and the most up to date in that regard, With one of the  best video making cameras currently available in the market, Nikon Z-series and M. Billal Shah will show you a whole new world of photography and possibilities.

Moreover, the event will take place in Lahore at the Nikon center on 31st August 2019 between 1:45 to 5pm so any of you photographers wanting to experience new things in the world of photography, we suggest you to be there.


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