Nine laborers were fatally shot in an ambush in Noshki, a city in southwestern Pakistan, on Saturday. This attack is the latest in a series of violent incidents targeting workers in the volatile region near the border with Afghanistan. Militants, after targeting foreigners, have now turned their attention to ordinary citizens.

The laborers were traveling from Quetta, the provincial capital, when they were stopped by unidentified assailants. Nine passengers were taken off the bus and forcibly led into the mountains.

This horrific incident is reminiscent of past executions carried out in Balochistan, highlighting the ongoing security challenges in the region.

The Balochistan Police discovered the victims’ bodies under a bridge in the rugged terrain of Noshki. They had sustained gunshot wounds to various parts of their bodies.

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The deceased individuals have been identified as residents of Gujranwala and Mandi Bahauddin.

Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti offered his condolences and strongly condemned the killing of innocent passengers in Noshki. He extended his sympathies to the families of the victims and vowed that those responsible for the attack would face severe consequences. Bugti described the killings as a heinous and unforgivable crime, emphasizing that the perpetrators would not be shown any leniency.


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