In recent times, the issue of air quality and smog in Punjab, Pakistan, has been a topic of discussion, and the Caretaker Punjab Government’s stance on declaring a mid-week school holiday has drawn attention. This article delves into the recent developments and decisions made regarding this matter, providing insights into the ongoing smog crisis in the provincial capital, Lahore.

The Proposal for a Mid-Week Break

  1. Proposal for Wednesday School Closures: Earlier, there was a proposal under consideration to shut down schools and markets on Wednesdays. The aim was to mitigate the impact of the smog crisis on the health and well-being of the residents.
  2. Rejection After AQI Improvement: However, this proposal faced a significant turn of events. Following an improvement in the Air Quality Index (AQI) due to rain, the proposal was ultimately rejected. The question arose whether such a decision was warranted in light of the persisting smog crisis.

Ongoing Smog Crisis in Lahore

  1. Calls for Mid-Week Break: The smog crisis in Lahore remains a pressing concern, prompting calls for declaring a mid-week break in schools. The city has been grappling with dangerously high levels of air pollution, impacting the lives of its residents.
  2. Caretaker Minister’s Stance: The Caretaker Minister for Environment and Planning, Bilal Afzal, has once again ruled out the possibility of a mid-week school holiday. This stance raises questions about the measures in place to address the smog crisis effectively.

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Punjab Cabinet Committee’s Meeting

  1. Second Meeting for Resolution: In an attempt to address the issue comprehensively, the Punjab Cabinet Committee members met for the second time. This meeting was essential to consider various viewpoints and arrive at a well-informed decision.
  2. Committee’s Decision: Surprisingly, none of the committee members were in favor of an additional day off for schools. This decision indicates a shift in strategy toward addressing the smog crisis more proactively.

Stringent Measures Against Smog

  1. Authoritative Actions: In light of the ongoing smog crisis, the authorities have taken stringent measures to combat air pollution and its adverse effects on the environment and public health.
  2. Vehicle Impoundments and Fines: According to City Traffic Police (CTO), thousands of smoky vehicles have been impounded, while more than 7,000 have been fined. These actions reflect the government’s commitment to controlling smog emissions.

Lahore’s Disturbing AQI Levels

  1. Lahore’s AQI: Despite these efforts, Lahore continues to top the list of the world’s most polluted cities. The city recently recorded an AQI at a ‘hazardous’ level of 510. This alarming data necessitates a reevaluation of strategies to combat air pollution.
  2. Most Polluted Areas: The provincial capital’s most polluted areas were reported to be The Mall Road, followed by the Polo Ground in Cantt, and the Lahore American school area. These findings highlight the severity of the smog crisis in specific regions.


In conclusion, the Caretaker Punjab Government has opted against declaring a mid-week school holiday despite the ongoing smog crisis in Lahore. The decision reflects the government’s commitment to addressing air pollution through rigorous measures and regulations. However, the persistently high AQI levels in Lahore underscore the need for a more comprehensive and sustained approach to tackling this critical issue.


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