No dislikes on YouTube anymore

No dislikes on YouTube

On the 11th of October, YouTube proceeded on to announce a rather major upcoming change which will arrive on its platform. The brand will be making the dislike count on all its videos private on its website and app.

The decision comes as a big deal considering the fact that this simple enough feature has been on the platform right from the very start and now the vast number of users that are found on YouTube will no longer be able to determine the overall reception of their video. The video sharing giant believes that this change is better from the creator’s standpoint as the content creators/YouTubers will now be better protected against harassment and hence reduce the threat of what is referred to as “dislike attacks.”

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For those of you who are unaware, this is essentially when a number of users team up in order to raise the amount of dislikes that are present on a video. In accordance with what YouTube has suggested, while the dislike count will altogether be removed from the platform, the dislike button won’t exactly be removed and users will still have the option to dislike a video. And so, users will definitely still be able to click the thumbs down button with the amount of dislikes only being visible to the creator of the video along with the statistics related to their video via YouTube Studio.

Interestingly then, the move from YouTube arrives after an experiment which it ran earlier in the year. This purpose of this particular experiment was to find whether these changes would end up reducing the amount of dislikes attacks and creator harassment. The company also ended up explaining that the number of dislikes actually affects the wellbeing of creators and could also end up motivating targeted dislike campaigns.


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