No HarmonyOS this year

Future Huawei device set for HarmonyOS

Over the course the past three years, HarmonyOS : Huawei’s very own self-developed operating system has been in development. Just last year, the Chinese company went on to officially announce its very first version at the HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE (HDC) 2019. At the 2020 version of this conference, it is expected that Huawei will in fact unveil the second version. Rumors have previously gone on to indicate that the Chinese telecom giant will be releasing a smartphone that will run the OS by the end of this year. However, now, in the latest turn of events, the CEO of Huawei in Richard Yu has claimed that there will be no such smartphone this year.

Indeed to a question in relation to the query, the CEO claimed that there are no plans for the release of such device by the end of the year. However, this of course does not at all mean that such a device can’t make its way into the market next year. In other words, the executive belonging to the Chinese brand went on to reiterate his HarmonyOS speech last year.

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Indeed in the speech given last year, he mentioned that Android remains as their first choice due to the ecosystem and partners that are offered. At the same time, he also said that they will continue on with the development and release proceeds of devices with HarmonyOS so as to be reliant in the long run.

The Senior Vice President of Huawei in Vincent Yang too mentioned something of similar sorts when he said that Huawei will maintain a single ecosystem with Android. HarmonyOS though will remain to be there as a plan B – as the worst case scenario.

As of now, the operating system offered by Huawei can only be found on the company’s smart TVs. In the near future though, regardless of the time line with regards to smartphones, the OS will support PCs, cars and also smart wearables.


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