Ever since that of 2016, OnePlus has been launching an updated version of its flagship model launched earlier in the year. The model released later on in the year comes with the letter T attached with, and this has been a part of the Chinese manufacturer’s strategy ever since the OnePlus 3T made its way into the market. However, with respect to the latest news surrounding the smartphone brand, it is being claimed that its streak of T series smartphones will finally come to an end this year.

Indeed Pete Lau, who happens to be the company’s CEO as well as its co-founder, recently confirmed that there will be no OnePlus 9T which will make its way. Previously, there were rumors which actually suggested that there won’t be a Pro T series model which would be introduced this year, and this news didn’t come as much of a surprise considering the fact that there wasn’t a Pro model last year. However, the fact that there won’t be T series model altogether represents a rather major shift in the company’s business model.

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Needless to say though, this latest shift does in fact make a whole lot of sense. Indeed the recent chip shortage has made the launch of any smartphone on a big scale very difficult, while OnePlus’ portfolio is also getting rather tight. Indeed with phone likes the OnePlus Nord 2, the OnePlus 9R and also the OnePlus 8T, the whole ordeal just seems to be getting a bit saturated for the Chinese manufacturer.

Also, Pete Lau has also confirmed actually that the OxygenOS is going though a major change. Indeed earlier in the year it had been publicized that OnePlus will be merging with Oppo, and with this merging taking place, OxygenOS and Color OS will also be seeing a merger of their own. And so launching a phone during such a process may also prove to be very tricky to say the least.


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