No OnePlus Nord in the US?

OnePlus Nord in the US

OnePlus Nord will be OnePlus’ first ever midrange device ever since the first one in the OnePlus X. Unfortunately enough for many, the company will be launching the particular phone only in India and Europe. While it could have been a very good deal for potential consumers based in the US, OnePlus’ co-founder in Carl Pei has gone on to explain as to why the company will not be introducing the phone in North America.

Over the course of the past few weeks, executives belonging to the Chinese company have been giving out interviews to tech publications, and following the same suite, Carl Pei, who of course happens to be the co-founder of OnePlus too gave an interview in which he talked about the company’s next and upcoming phone in the OnePlus Nord.

In accordance with what he has had to say, considering the fact that his company is doing pretty well in the Indian market and is also growing quickly in the European one, it does in fact make sense for them to focus on these markets – since there is all the likelihood that Nord will be a success in these.

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For example, a recent report as per Canalys went on to indicate that smartphones featuring in the $300-$500 price segment only went on to account for ten percent of the whole market based in Q1 of this year. Also, the $200-$600 tier went on to see a decline from 23 percent market share in Q1 of last year to 19 percent in Q1 of this year.

And so, this could indeed represent the primary reason so as to why the Chinese manufacturer will not be launching Nord in the US. Hence, it will be conducting a smaller beta program in the region – just to test the waters.


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