Google is in the process of rolling out new features in its video communications apps. Just a few weeks ago, the search engine giant proceeded on to claim that Google meet is getting a background blur feature and also that it has begun rolling out a screen sharing feature for Google Duo. It has also now been announced that the mobile app for Google meet is in fact getting the noise cancelation feature – a feature that has actually been available for the desktop version ever since the month of April, this year. 

As the name suggests in itself, the noise cancelation feature is actually designed so as to filter out background noises. A demo video which was subject to release just a few months ago actually goes on to show that the noise cancelation feature has the ability to filter out a variety of everyday sounds such as those concerning typing, clicking a pen – and even public sounds, for example, when you’re at the airport.

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Google has claimed that this feature has already started to roll out – but as we’ve seen with regards to many of the recent features in relation to the company, this roll out might in fact be a server-side activation rather than an update that you can just go ahead and grab from the Google Play Store.

Taking into consideration the fact that it took about in and around five months for the feature to be available for the Google Meet mobile app (Android and iOS), it is indeed presumed that the duration will in fact be similar as far as the case for the background blur feature goes – which of course for now, only happens to be limited to the desktop app.


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