It has been around just a year since Nokia announced the Nokia 6 (2018), and now, with regards to the phone’s successor, there has been speculation over what the Nokia 6 (2019) may have with the specs in mind.

There has been one leak in particular with regards to this year’s phone, and that goes on to state that the so-called Nokia 6 (2019) will actually be referred as the Nokia 6.2 – and will go on to feature a 6.2 inch display – a display which will also have a cutout for the sake of the front camera. This could possibly be the same hole-punch display that featured in the recently leaked Nokia 8.1 Plus renders.

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The Nokia 6 (2019) will reportedly feature dual 16MP cameras, with the support of OZO Sound. OZO sound takes advantage of algorithms and the phones microphones in an attempt to capture 360-degree spatial sound. The leak did not actually say whether or not the phone’s cameras would also support the OZO focus Zoom – which would let you track an audio source and isolate audio in order to correspond to video zoom, respectively.

So how about the processor, then? Well, the Nokia 6 (2019) will reportedly come with Qualcomm’s Octa-core Snapdragon 632 processor and will feature with either 4 or indeed 6 gigs of RAM. As a similar case to the Nokia 6 (2018), the RAM amount might depend upon the size of the storage.

It is quite likely that the Nokia 6 (2019) will run the Android 9 Pie right out of the box, and this becomes even more likelier when you consider that the phone is probably a part of the Android One program.

Nokia 6 (2016) might go on to have a display Cutout for the front camera

The leak states that the phone will first launch in China, and if this indeed is true, then it is possible that the phone will either be announced at the end of this month, or sometime next month. Good news comes in the form that the same leak has suggested that the phone will definitely come in the US too.


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