Amazon has just released a few prime exclusive phones over the past couple of days, and amongst them was the Nokia 6, which has been making all the headlines, and is all that people are supposedly talking about. There are many reasons why this is the case, with one major reason being an emotional one – with people getting all nostalgic, just by hearing the name Nokia.

For now, only Amazon is the place that offers the phone, and even though it is true that the price of the phone certainly helps it compete against other budget phones, is the deal still a good one?

One of the very good things about the phone is its design. If you were to be considering only the design, you would not feel that this is a budget phone, because that cool feel of aluminum and the way the glass is just above the metal feels just amazing in your hands. Even with such a luxurious design, the phone is still pretty light, which can be said, is a bit surprising. The phone also runs on a very clean version of Android Nougat 7.1.1, and the launcher is pretty similar to that of the Google Pixel.

The performance of the phone is not incredible, but is just fine, exactly what you would expect from a budget phone. The processor may underperform at times, when you are launching the camera app, or going in between tabs on Chrome, however, it is also true that while running some heavy games, the phone performed decently. So the performance is exactly what you would expect coming from a budget phone.

The price for the phone is $179.99 for the version having lock screen ads, while $229.99 for the version without the ads. So in all honesty, I’d say that the Nokia 6 can prove to be value for money, because not only is the design exceptional but the performance of the phone as a whole is pretty decent, and while the absence of USB Type-C is certainly a disadvantage, the phone can still prove to be value for your buck.


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