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Nokia cautions on European connected car challenge

The car industry in Europe “is not as glad as they should be” warned Nokia’s head of car V2X Uwe Puetzschler (pictured), as he emphasized the call for improved networks to move forward the connected automobile target segment.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Puetzschler said that one of the major barriers to emergent connected cars was differences in connectivity around the globe, with “Japan and Korea having the right to use to extremely good exposure of networks”.

On the other hand, in other regions counting Europe, Puetzschler suggested the car industry wasn’t capable of going forward as they may want to “because the network coverage is a big challenge, and they require jam-packed coverage to offer the right experience to their patrons”.

To expand connected and automated driving improvement of network coverage is one of two of Nokia’s main concerns for the segment.

He said there were some necessities “today’s networks cannot at present accumulate to the degree the car industry would like to make out, and that’s why we are operating to get better results”.

The second way Nokia is chasing is to “supply a common platform to supervise the cars and to manage the applications which are related to the use of cars, fleets, etc”.

In the interview, Puetzschler also stated about his thoughts on the worker chance arising from the connected car, and how he considers automated driving could guide to more traffic on movable networks.

It is no top secret that connected cars have the perspective to transform the automobile sector and the driver experience, given today’s connected lifestyle. In fact, Gartner has predicted that 80% of cars manufactured around the planet by 2020 will be competent to connect to the Internet. Internet connectivity to cars is eye-catching to automakers for numerous reasons, including pulling together data from the vehicle, precautionary maintenance; push over-the-air software updates and civilizing car security.

In London, this week at 5G World Summit, Nokia is showcasing commercially-available technologies that operators can obtain today in order to put down the foundation for 5G networks that will force the digitization of mostly each industry – be it manufacturing, healthcare,  logistics, automotive, entertainment, tourism or media.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha is known by her mesmerizing talent of writing most technical stories in a brilliant informal way. She is a specialist in writing breakthroughs of Startups, Freelancing and Telecom Industry.


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