At the start of 2017, we expected this year to be a good one when considering gadgets, and technology as a whole, and this has certainly been the case. With the conclusion of the MWC 2017, the case of this year being a good one for the mobile phone industry was certainly supported to the fullest of extents. Amongst new alternatives phones being released, Nokia has proved to be a bit of wild card, with the revival of the famous and iconic Nokia 3310.

Not only this, Nokia is soon to release three midrange phones, the Nokia 3, 5, and 6. Two of these will feature an old Qualcomm chipset, the snapdragon 430, leading many people who were anticipating much more, disappointed, as they were expecting a newer version. However, Nokia is planning to release two alternatives flagship phones, and they will run Qualcomm’s newest snapdragon 835, and these are likely to rival Samsung’s flagship, the galaxy s8.

The smartphones will quite obviously feature the latest Android OS and a very impressive RAM of 6GB. Nokia is expected to release 6 phones this year. The specifications and the official release dates are yet to be officially released, but if they are half as good as the rumours suggest, and Nokia is indeed serious for their revival, then these phones are likely to give not only Samsung but apple and other giants such as hTc a run for their money.


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