The race for 5G is well and truly on as more and more manufacturers look to get onto the scene. Nokia, Huawei as well as Ericsson amongst others are the leaders when it comes to the infrastructure in relation to the technology. Huawei has also been met with good news recently as it has been reported that the UK is set to grant the Chinese manufacturer access to its 5G network. Of course, this will go a long way in helping the company in turning it on and will of course affect the status that its competitors employ.

Though Huawei isn’t the only one which has been looking to move forward in 5G development as recent reports have also suggested that Nokia has been on a hiring spree in order to develop its own 5G technology. The Finnish company has actually hired around 350 members of staff in this year alone in its home country. A spokeswoman employed by the company recently stated in an email that more than 200 of these staff have been employed in an attempt to enhance its mobile networks while the others have been assigned to work on the development of SoCs for the 5G equipment.

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Considering the fact that Nokia’s share took a turn for the worst last week as we saw a 21 percent dive following the posting of the company’s third-quarter earnings, it’s satisfying to see that the company has taken an immediate decision so things so don’t get any worse. All in all, the company’s shares have seen a drop of 30 percent.

While things are not going that great currently, at least Nokia has addressed the situation as quickly as it could. If the Finnish manufacturer does enhance its 5G offerings and takes things to a whole different level, then expect better days to come sooner rather than later.


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