Not so long ago, Nokia confirmed that it would be launching its latest phone on the 21st of August. This confirmation was given by the company’s official Twitter account. Though a phone was confirmed to be coming, it wasn’t actually confirmed which particular phone this turns out to be, with many people and experts suggesting that the phone would actually be the Nokia 9 (2018). If this turns out to be the case, then this would be Nokia’s latest flagship one, and it would probably go out to compete with other flagship phones, including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy s9, and the Oneplus X, amongst others.

Nokia teased the public with an image to show that the public should be expecting a new phone just a few days from now. The image contained a silhouette of a large device, and also a headline which said – “Get ready to unveil the most awaited phone.”

As I stated above, if you have a look at the tweet yourself, you’ll find out too that Nokia hasn’t give away too much when this was actually tweeted. So why exactly is everyone convinced that the device that Nokia is actually teasing us with is actually the Nokia 9? Well, earlier this year, HMD Global – which actually owns Nokia was rumored to be working on a new flagship phone – the Nokia 9 (2018). Hence people are convinced that the phone which will be introduced on the 21st of August will indeed be the Nokia 9.

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So if our expectations are met and the Nokia 9 is what’s indeed coming, then expect the phone to go head to head with the flagship phones of the market, as it is likely and expected that the phone will feature flagship features itself –including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and other features that we see in flagship phones these days.

Other rumors with regards to the phone also suggest that much like the iPhone X and other smartphones after the iPhone X, the Nokia 9 will also feature a notched display. And that’s not the only thing with regards to the display that you should be excited about – as it is also suggested that the Nokia 9 will also feature an inbred fingerprint sensor. However, please also consider the fact that these are just rumors, so it would be best not to take these statements as concrete, just as yet.

One thing which is concrete though is that Nokia is making a pretty big deal out of whichever phone is coming, so if Nokia’s so excited, perhaps we should be too!


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