Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures overpowering the beauty industry

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures overpowering the beauty industry. Technological advancements have raised non-surgical procedures to help get maximum results for physical beauty without the least amount of invasiveness. Dr. Edward Fruitman is the founder of Trifecta Med Spa, one of New York’s top facilities for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, let us make you know what are his thoughts and feelings about the top non-surgical trends of the day.

Different patients need different types of treatments and doctors are mixing and matching treatments for an individualized plan to give the most effective results to their patients. Fruitman says that his treatment is different for every patient and his recommendations are based on all methods available. There are lot  of different combinations of patient-specific treatment options and if a patient asks for skin tightening, he combine Coolsculpting along with Lumenis Legend and microneedling for highly-personalized results.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that targets unwanted fat from any part of the body. This concept was discovered by two scientists at Harvard who realized that some children get dimples in th air cheeks when they eat popsicles and this finding was the basis for CoolSculpting treatment. Dr. Fruitman says that this procedure will continue to be the most successful non-surgical fat removal treatment for many reasons, because it works. This is a painless procedure with no downtime. It is only 35 min lunchtime procedure that results positively in 25 to 30 % of patients.


Treatments to the vagina and vulva are now getting popular and lasers are helping rejuvenate this delicate area. According to Fruitman, “FemTouch Vaginal rejuvenation treatments based on Lumenis CO2 laser will definitely become mainstream,”. He also asserts that the results with this process are incredible and the procedure is quick and painless. People are looking to improve not just their faces, but their entire bodies and women want to feel confident in all areas, including vaginal area.

Placenta, popular in Japan, Korea and Kardashians, the richness of minerals and nutrients in it can save grace for the face. Curacen Essence, a product that Fruitman uses is a topical placenta-based cosmetic product from Japan to help patients in facial anti-aging. It treats everything like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity and skin tone.