Huawei is playing very well in the context of capturing the attention of the consumers as well as mobile phones lovers. The series of hitting sixes in every domain of technology is increasing incredibly. In the competition of Smartphones technology its new formulation develops the themes of modernization and people attract keenly with the search of its devices in mobiles market. Nougat will be accessible in Huawei in March.

One of the examples of its extraordinary smartness is the beta testing of Honor 5c in Ukraine that very much relates to the Nougat will update the technology. This experiment is for the clarification of ROM maintenance in an accurate manner. The process of examining the mobile phone is known as GT3 and its duration of processing is 13 of February to 24th. According to the local Huawei coordinator, Mr.Ivanik said that there is a specific time to wait for the judging process of any technology new firmware devices. After the clearness of software issues, it will be available to the consumers with all latest features of Nougat.

Luckily, the software management team recognizes more path to develop and enhance this technology during the examination of this technology Naugat. According to these features we facilitate our consumers with Huawei Honor 6x(GR5 2017), Huawei Nova and Huawei P9 but it is not confirm in the context of software developing manner.


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