Good news for all WhatsApp users as now they can finally delete messages once they sent them. We were getting rumors for months and this features was actually turn on in some beta versions but was pulled again. Now the feature is being rolled out for all WhatsApp users.

After updating the app you will get the new feature and can delete a message for everyone once you sent it.

In simple words if you are chatting with one of your friends and delete a message from your phone, it will also be deleted from your friend’s phone.

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Every now and then we get in embarrassing situations after sending wrong text messages to someone. By having this feature you will save yourself from awkward situation when you send someone a message by mistake.

From now, no needs to be worry about if you send someone a message in anger or by mistake, you’ll not be embarrassed as you can remove the message rapidly.

On the other hand, there are some limitations.

  • You can delete a message within 7 minutes of when you sent it. Once the 8th minute start, you will not be capable to delete that message.
  • There is a thing name “screenshot” ahhh … if your friend takes a screenshot of your message before you delete it, you will not be proficient to do anything because even if you delete the message, your friend will have that screenshot.
  • If you delete a message from your end even within 7 minutes and your friend does not have an online internet connection at that time, the message will not be removed at their end until they connect to the internet again. In addition you will not get any verification if the message was removed from your friend’s phone as well.

How you can delete a message from WhatsApp after sending it?

Just select a message that you want to delete and delete it within the 7 minutes after you send it, you’ll have the options to “Delete for me” and “Delete for everyone”, in order to delete the message from both ends select the latter option to delete the message from both phones.

Your friend will see “This message was deleted” once you delete a message. Still it’s pretty save situation as they won’t get idea what was the message.

The feature is on rollercoaster and will be implemented in stages worldwide. It may take some time to reach everyone; keep updating your WhatsApp if you want to be one of the first lucky ones to get this amazing update.



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