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Now you can report a Cyber Crime to Punjab Police

The notorious Cyber Crime law has been amended to increase the scope of its authority and jurisdiction. Now Punjab Police can also lodge FIR against any complaint and objection, apart from FIA.

To battle, the digital evil in Pakistan “Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act” was introduced last year since then a lot of cases have been registered with the Cyber crime Wing of FIA but still plenty have gone unreported due to lack of responsiveness and awareness among the masses.

So they say FIA will offer all the technical support to the Punjab Police to treat the cyber crimes and the citizens at the back of such acts.

We also observed that earlier this month Safe Cities Authority was also blocking different social media pages/ accounts in Pakistan due to the blasphemous content and other cyber crimes. It is yet to be seen that whether the expansion of rights to Punjab Police in the cybercrime law will generate disorder due to the occurrence of numerous investigative parties or dole out as a serving hand to wrestle the digital war.

As we earlier reported, citizens of Punjab are seeing a disturbing and alarming rise in cyber crime, where 1612 cases have been reported in a just span of 5 months.

Digital Rights Foundation released a report, according to which in the first six months, 44% of the callers that sought help on their Cyber Harassment helpline was from Punjab.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha is known by her mesmerizing talent of writing most technical stories in a brilliant informal way. She is a specialist in writing breakthroughs of Startups, Freelancing and Telecom Industry.



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