This is the age when people have no or too little time for their kids to spend with. Parents are busy in making money for the fulfillment of requirements of their children and they can’t keep an eye on the activities of their children.  No doubt, using a smartphone is the hobby of kids nowadays, and Samsung’s Marshmallow app is here to resolve your worries.

Nowadays, when parents have started getting their kids smartphones in a very early age,  which can spoil lives of their kids if used in a wrong way. Samsung has launched an app,  aiming at the healthy usage of the gadget by the kids.

Don’t confuse the Samsung Marshmallow with the Android Marshmallow OS.  Samsung Marshmallow is a parental control app working as a video game. Using this app, parents can set the apps they allow their kids to use. Even that parents can set usage limits and fixed bedtime as well.

However the goal of this app is beyond the limitation and monitor the usage,   encouragement of the kids to develop a positive and healthy relationship with their parents is also its goal.

To achieve this goal,  the app gives kids “Marshmallow points ” when kids use smartphones living in the limits set for them. Losing of points is also featured in this app when kids do not obey the guidelines.

The given points can be used to purchase gift cards from the gift shop featured in the app. kids can spend their points on gift cards for the Google Play Store with the approval of their parents. These gifts can also be purchased from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Kids can also set their own goals for usage.

Parents will be able to get weekly recaps on usage statistics of their kids and also they will be able to adjust goals and restrictions according to their own choice to make usage limited for their kids.

Currently, this app is only available for the users of Samsung Galaxy models which can be found in the Google Play Store.


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