The partner program that YouTube introduced 5 years ago helped it flourish and helped it to become the biggest video platform on the internet. It meant that anyone could sign up, upload videos of their choice, and immediately start making money. YouTube, now, however, has demolished this option, as it created many problems. People, with the aim of making money, started to do things considered rather illegal. People basically started to create accounts and started to upload videos owned by other people. This, most of the times lead to a copyright infringement.

To counter these, YouTube has now introduced a major change to its partner program. This change brought on by YouTube means that people will now have to have more than 10,000-lifetime views on their channel, to start the money making process. Youtube believes that this threshold will give them the opportunity to gain enough information about the channel, to deduce whether it is indeed legitimate, or not. And at the same time, the threshold is not set too high, so creators do not get discouraged from signing up for the service.

Not only will the creators on YouTube be protected with this new service, but these newly introduced rules might also help YouTube keep off offensive videos from the site. Youtube is very sensibly shaping its future, however, only time will tell whether these new services will be positive for the site, or not.


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